The Nomad


I am a creative mind with a Bachelor of Social Science in Media and Drama.  Anything creative gets my gums salivating and I  have had my written work published seven times on a national scale, acted in six films and five theatre performances.  I think far too much about life and its inner workings which produces a introspective tendency in me, while being able to crack jokes simultaneously and laugh!

I am a contradiction, I believe most of us are.  Nothing is set in black and white these days.

I left my home in South Africa in April 2008 to work and travel around Australia and New Zealand. I arrived home at the end of November 2009 so see my family and friends. For a year I worked as online editor for Saltwater GIRL magazine where I learnt so much. I then went BACK to NZ again to work for three years with Mediaworks Interactive, where I got to work on radio brands such as The Edge, The Rock and Mai FM. If I thought I’d learnt a lot at SWG, I learnt a truck fill working in radio.

Now,  it’s safe to say I’m an Aucklander residing in Glenfield, New Zealand working as an online editor for Auckland Transport.

Take a browse through my posts, there’s something for everyone here, written, flicks, songs, pics, travelogues, you name it!

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  1. * Sid says:

    Sweet. Your blog is looking awesome!!


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