Oh hai!


These are my shoes.

Jokes, but seriously, there’s a lot more to it.

I’m a creative, digital ninja with a Bachelor of Social Science in Media and Drama.

Anything creative gets my gums salivating and I’ve had my work published seven times in South Africa, acted in six films and five theatre performances.

I suffer from paralysis of analysis (mum joke, although not actually a mum), but still manage to crack some legendary jokes occasionally (seriously, they’re so funny sometimes, I kinda wish someone was around to record them)!

I’m a contradiction, I believe most of us are. Nothing is set in black and white these days.

I left South Africa in April 2008 to work and travel around Australia and New Zealand. I arrived home at the end of November 2009 to reconnect with my family and friends.

For a year I worked as online editor for Saltwater GIRL magazine where I learnt so much. I then went BACK to NZ again (for realsies this time) to work for three years with Mediaworks Interactive, where I got to work on radio brands such as The Edge, The Rock and Mai FM. If I thought I’d learnt a lot at SWG, I learnt a truck load working in radio.

Now, it’s safe to say I’m an Aucklander residing in Glenfield, New Zealand working as an online editor for Auckland Transport.

Take a browse through my posts, there’s something for everyone here, written, flicks, songs, pics, travelogues, you name it!

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